Unit 7 Noise is the publisher of musical works by Michael Folmer Hansen a.k.a.  folmR and collaborators.

Folmer's Roland SH-2 and MC-202 synths, Boss DR-55 drum machine and fretless Rickenbacker knock-off were stolen in 1984. The items were uninsured and Folmer is still seeking revenge, making like Gauguin some thirty years later and dropping his suit for the life of an artist. He won't be leaving his wife and marrying a 14-year old Tahitian girl (or getting syphilis and becoming famous after his death) but is having fun and exacting his revenge by creating noise and other things. 

Co-producer of the Phillip Glass Buddha Machine and early supporter of Soundbrenner, The Chromatic Endpin and WORNG Electronics, Folmer's interest in music extends beyond his desire to make it. Folmer is also a life member of Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio.

After more than 25 albums on his own and in collaboration with Donnacha Costello, Emilio Guarino a.k.a. Hot Wobble, Mat Watson, calmwhiner and others Folmer's output can best be described as prolific and eclectic. He classifies it as Fretless Monophonic Post Krops Jazz – a kind of avant-garde noisy jazzy sometimes danceable music. 

"Folmer creates enigmatic, energetic and exaggerated soundscapes and song-noises that are vast in scope, yet intimately personal." — James Banbury (Blood Wine or Honey, The Auteurs, Infantjoy, dadahack)

Art is either plagiarism or revolution 

Paul Gauguin